High quality construction solutions

This resulting from solid partnerships with companies heavily present in the market and with extensive experience in the field of concrete prefabrications

Experience of several companies

More than 40 years of industrial experience in the pre-fabrication, metalworking and industrial machinery sectors

Patented modular building system - SAFEBOX by KILONEWTON

Differs from traditional construction due to its speed, cost, quality of final construction, cleaning of work, organization of works, among others

Why OPDA Investment?

OPDA is able to supply a turnkey solution for the production of precast elements

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Patented Modular System SAFEBOX by KILONEWTON

This system will be implemented by OPDA investment in this industrial unit and will allow to produce pieces for the modular construction in a fast and safe way, and for a several types of projects / architectural, housing, social and functional.
Our tailored factory layout offers a wide range of precast concrete products, adapting your real needs.
OPDA layouts are thought to achieve a productive production with a perfect combination of machines, the overall arrangement, the concreting systems, the lifting systems, processing plant for the concrete, among many others.

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